There are are so many great websites teachers and students can use to work smarter. I'll walk you through some tools you may not yet know about. I'll cover English, Math, ESL, and more!


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Ed Tech Tools for Teachers

Great websites for high school teachers

I share websites every high school teacher should know about.

  1. Where to find excellent articles that sync with Google Classroom
  2. Online games
  3. Rubric Makers
  4. Algebra worksheet generator
  5. and so much more!
Math graphic
There are so many helpful math websites out there, both for teachers and students.

I'll share the best algebra worksheet generator.

language graphic
You will learn about a website where you can read children's books in English or Spanish.

and you even can listen to someone read it to you!

Easily make worksheets in a matter of seconds!

Rubrics, quizzes, flashcards, etc. How did teachers live before the internet?